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What is the SuperPath® Hip Technique?

SuperPath® stands for Supercapsular Percutaneously Assisted Total Hip.

The SuperPath® Micro-Posterior Approach is a tissue-sparing approach where no muscles or tendons are cut. Accessing the capsule superiorly, the femur is prepared first with the femoral head intact. Direct visualization allows placement of the acetabular component. A small portal incision allows medialization of the reamers.

Compared to the traditional posterior hip technique, in a recent study patients treated with the SuperPath® Hip Technique16 were:

SuperPath® Surgical Technique Overview

Femoral Reaming

The femur is reamed and broached with the head intact to spare the external rotators and avoid calcar fracture.

Femoral Broaching

To prepare the femoral canal, broaches are utilized according to the appropriate ream-and-broach or broach-only stem selected.

Femoral Head Resection

An oscillating saw with a narrow blade is used to create the femoral neck osteotomy along the top of the broach.

Femoral Head Removal

Schanz pins are utilized to rotate the head and remove it through the main incision.

Percutaneous Incision Placement

A 1cm stab incision is made horizontally and the blunt trocar and cannula are then passed through the stab incision.

Acetabular Reaming

Pass the acetabular reamer through the main incision. The reamer shaft is passed through the cannula and mated to the reamer in situ.

Click below to watch the SuperPath® animation.

Click below to watch footage of a SuperPath® surgery.

Download SuperPath® Surgical Technique

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